Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chaos chair

Chaos was designed by minimalist Konstantin Grcic, and it shows...or rather it doesn't show because, well, it's minimalist. Its claim to fame is a narrow angled seat paired with a high angled back, giving it a variable depth and a distinctive look. It's not quite the "magical throne which ennobles everyday situations - sitting, waiting, observing - and gives them the aura of something special" that's claimed, but it is pretty nice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Floor Lamp From Re-Surface

Re-Surface makes some of my favorite graffiti covered lights in the world. Actually, they make the only graffiti covered lamps I know of, but I still love them. And cruising by their site I see they now have a new floor lamp model. Unfortunately the picture they have of it is pretty tiny, but it seems to be the standing version of their More-Light. It looks like this one is decorated in the South3rd motif but I suspect it will be available in all their graffiti flavors. Personally I'm planning to put the Kent and South3rd Hi-Light models over my coffee bar. When I get a coffee bar that is.

Monday, January 07, 2008

wave. chair.

The Wave Chair achieves its bizarre but bedazzling look by using webbing wrapped around a frame. Simple technique, amazing result. I'm not sure how comfortable it is, but this is a chair I'll probably stare at more often than I'll sit in anyway. It's $2,212 which is not unreasonable as these things go. It only seems to come in red though.