Friday, June 04, 2004

basics. furniture.

I popped into Basics Furniture today, which I stumbled across by accident. The store has definitely earned a place in my heart. On the retro/modern/funky meter I'd give it a solid modern with a bit of funk thrown in. But it's not modern in that annoyingly SOHO self-aware way like so many NY stores (especially ones not actually in SOHO). Not sure why they call it Basics, as it carries anything but. Unfortunately, from the outside you could easily mistake it for one of those stores that sells cheap starter furniture. That would be a shame. Sample the Web site. If you like what you see, you'll like the store.

eye. catching.
A martini set with a shaker and two martini "glasses" made out of stainless steel caught my eye. Seemed like a good deal for $19.95.

A clock vaguely reminiscent of porthole was pretty cool, but not for $49. Magnetic metal canisters with clear plastic lids for storing office supplies (easy to stick on shelves, or on the supplied metal rack). Just $19.95. Sadly, they were out of stock. That's okay, I have to go back to get the martini set anyway.

the. staff.
Friendly without being annoying.

shopping. tip.
Make sure to visit the lower level, where you'll find discounted stuff. The stairs down don't look inviting, but don't let that stop you.


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