Tuesday, June 22, 2004

the. rig.

The Rig is a stylish mobile kitchen island on wheels from the folks at Urban Icons in the UK. It's got a removable block of beech wood for a top that serves as a work surface, along with some internal shelves and lockable casters (for when you don't want it to move so much). Seen here it's outfitted with the some "holdsters" that I'd recommend getting.

too. r2d2.
The Rig is gorgeous and has only two problems that I see: 1) It faintly resembles R2D2 and 2) It's only sold in the UK at the moment, so shipping to the US is prohibitive. Oh yeah, it's also £1,200.00, which is like a billion US dollars.


Blogger ladygoat said...

Resembling R2D2 is no problem for me: I'm thinking of a sci-fi theme for my kitchen.

However, that little matter of cost IS a problem. Phooey.

5:58 AM  

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