Sunday, April 24, 2005

poaa. dumbbell.

If you're looking for a 6-pound designer dumbbell with a bizarre name and a price tag north of $400, have I got something to show you. These bad boys of muscular fitness were designed by -- who else? -- Philippe Starck out of bronze with a brushed nickel finish. When you're not using them as dumbbells, they also double as doorstops, paperweights or just random pieces of sculpture. (That's not in the literature, by the way, that's just me being clever.)

advantage. starck.
Yes, $467.60 is a totally inane price to pay for dumbbells, but it can have advantages. First of all, it may give you more incentive to actually use them. More realistically, if you're like me and you buy fitness equipment only to leave it lying around unused, chances are your friends will never realize these things are dumbbells, so you won't feel so guilty when you don't use them. And hey, these beat a $467.60 gym membership that you never use...


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