Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Archipel is a series of asymmetrical "elements" that can be joined in many ways: stools can be armrests or storage centers, some pieces can be slid over others, etc. You can even get it with gas springs" so the backs can be raised another 3" or so. The modular design lets you build "an island kingdom that can be assembled to taste and used at will." Sweet! The pieces range in price from $1,188.20 to $6,141.20. (You'd think they could spot you the $.20, but I guess not.) There's also this bit of description that I don't understand: "The formation of folds in Leolux products cannot be avoided, due to the design and the preference for comfort." Whatever that is, it's a small price to pay for Archipel island living, I say.


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You got quite few cool furnitures on this website.

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