Saturday, September 09, 2006


This libellule pendant light has translucent polypropylene wings that give it the look of a butterfly, which also explains its nickname "butterfly light" (even though "libellule" is French for dragonfly...hmmm). The chromed bulb means the light is directed upwards, casting "wing shadows" just in case the other winged bits weren't enough for you. Although its pictured with blue or yellow wings, this site only seems to offer it in orange...weird. Cost is a very modest £31.00.


Anonymous elliot B. said...

Do you post only positive comments from readers?

I've noticed that this may be so. Recently, the "hot" design blogs are adverse to an actual forum that shows a give and take of ideas.

For example: design*sponge hasn't posted a negative viewer comment in months. The reason is obvious- she's gone corporate, (H&G website column, articles in NY magazine and the NY Times.) SHe's scared to death to rock the boat- HENCE- no bad viewer comments shall ever appear in her blog.

When you go to read the comments about her design submissions, you can predict, verbatim, what they are- "I love it" "Where did you find such great stuff", "I love your blog" (ad infinitum)

Please don't get like that. you don't weant to be part of the "new tyranny" of the design world.

I know that once corporate recognition of your blog rears it's ugly head, the blog becomes an advertising "yes" man and fails in it's original intention as a true forum for design dialog.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Funfurde said...

I post whatever comments anyone sends in that are intelligible and/or not obvious comment spam. Truth is, I don't get many comments, and the ones I do get are usually positive. I guess FF is just not that controversial!

2:50 PM  
Anonymous e burns said...

Thank you, Funfurde,
... and I appreciate your honesty and the sophistication of your reply.


3:18 PM  

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