Tuesday, May 29, 2007

abyss. lamp.

There is no reason given for why the Abyss Lamp has its unusual name (at least on the site I found it on), but my guess is it's named after creatures you might find in the dark abyss of the sea. What I did find on the site is that the Abyss is "a high voltage LED strip and modular structure encased in injection molded opal polycarbonate segments. These segments allow the abyss lamps the flexibility to be reconfigured and re-shaped into many different forms. The ceiling lamp also has a florescent spot light." The construction gives it an ethereal luminosity that I find mesmerizing. And yes I realize calling a light luminous seems kind of silly, but at the same time the Abyss really is more luminous than other lights. It costs $658 for the table version, $998 for the ceiling lamp.


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