Tuesday, June 15, 2004

propello. fan.

It's summer, and summers tend to be hot. Heat tends to be diminished by breezes, hence the invention of the fan. But fans look unsightly and make noise, hence the invention of Propello.

black. and. blum.
Propello comes from black+blum, my new favorite designers. First, they made the fan look (sorry about this one) cool (told you) with a neat feat of design. Then they made it work to cool you by eliminating the blade guard, which is generally what causes a lot of fan noise. So it's quite quiet. Of course fan guards are there to make sure you don't lose your fingers or other bits, but black+blum solved that by making the Propello blades out of rubber.

cool. case.
The tin case Propello comes in has a nice touch of retro coolness to it.

where. to. find. it.
Propello seems to be more easily found in Britain than in the U.S., but I see that Design Within Reach carries it for $130.


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