Saturday, June 05, 2004

modern. vanity.

This vanity is a bit too modern for my tastes, but it's got some interesting things going on. I like the fact that the sink and counter are made from a single piece of see-through glass, and overall the lines are nicely atypical. Notice how the shelf above the sink is only about half as wide as the top piece with the inset lights? I'm not crazy about the cabinets being offset on an angle from the countertop, though (on the left side). But it does allow you to place things beneath the glass. The shelf also has an integrated cup/toothbrush holder. Unfortunately the cabinet doors look like they are made of white, shiny plastic, which makes the whole ensemble feel sterile, instead of inviting.

picture. quality.
Sorry about the poor picture quality. As usual, this is taken with a Nokia 3650 camera phone, which is finicky when it comes to lighting.


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