Sunday, September 11, 2005

felt. rock. answer.

Todd from Molo sent me this note about felt rocks:

Your curiosity was brought to our attention by a colleague.

What are felt rocks good for?

They have no intended purpose. But, when we first came across them (one of our passions is to understand the factory floor) we couldn’t resist pulling these bits of tumbling industrial waste from a large and loud felting machine. The shop forman was horrified (at both the impending danger and also our fascination with his garbage) and shut the machine down. We scrambled to remove the smoothest cleanest “rocks”. Even hot and soaking wet, the weight of them in our hands and their solidity gave a most satisfying tactile sensation. Now we carefully hand wash and dry them. The whole process is very soothing and as crazy as it sounds they give us peace. When you handle them and reposition them, stack and “create” with them it triggers sensations and imagination. They are curious and abstract; a phenomenon.

So you don’t really do anything with them necessarily but hopefully they do something to you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok that helps, but what I want to know is where do I get these things???

6:29 PM  

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