Wednesday, August 29, 2007

stefanie. sitting. in. ball. chair.

Someone named Ryan Peterson wrote in, said his girlfriend was a fan, and asked me to post her pic in the Ball Chair she'd recently bought. Here you go Ryan and Stefanie. And as we all already know: "A Ball Chair is a 'room within a room' with a cozy and calm atmosphere, protecting outside noises and giving a private space for relaxing or having a phone call. Turning around its own axis on the base the view to the outer space is variable for the user and thus he is not completely excluded from world outside." Designed be Eero Aarnio of course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am SO SICK of this chick. all over the design blogs, they're posting about her. someone's desperate for attention. i wonder if she begs people to post about her of if she adds money to their paypal account.

6:14 PM  

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