Monday, June 14, 2004

scooter. power.

I can't decide if the Scooter collection from Sitcom Furniture is more fun than funky, or vice versa. Each piece has two distinguishing features: it has to lean on something instead of standing free, and it has wheels. Sounds dangerous, right? It's really not -- the wheels are mounted parallel to the leaning surface (i.e. wall) and made of rubber, so they grip and steady quite well. But it looks cool.

scooter. style.
The CD Ladder, Magazine Ladder and Mirror all use the same basic ladder-style frame and lean against a wall, with the rungs used to hold CDS, magazines, or what have you. They're made of brushed steel and will fit in well with a modern decor, or any place where a bit of whimsy won't hurt. The lamp differs slightly with a brushed chrome finish and only one wheel.

good. cheap.
The Scooter stuff is solidly made and relatively cheap, with most of the pieces in the $100-$150 range.

lofty. look.
The "ladder look" elevates any room in my eye. If there's a ladder, my mind tells me there must be something "up" to get to, so even if the room is small, it suddenly feels bigger. Or at least taller.

hot. tip.
Straight from the Crate seems to have especially good prices on the Scooter line.


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