Sunday, June 13, 2004

sydney. sofa.

The idea behind this sofa is to give every person sitting on it a little place they can call their own. That's accomplished by the scalloped back, which partitions the sofa into three seating areas. Does it work? I tried it out in Urbana's showroom in Orange, Calif., and can report that, yes, it does. So well in fact that my friends--who it should be noted weren't even there to buy furniture--ordered the sofa and the matching chair on the spot. They have the sofa at home now and say it's as comfortable as it is stylish. (Upon seeing the couch through the window, one neighbor was heard to remark, "Oooh, fancy!")

the. name.
The sofa is named after the Sydney Opera House, which also has curvy lines to it.

hot. tip.
Urbana now sells furniture out of its showroom (but only to people who live in Southern California) If you're nearby it's worth the trip because you can see a lot of unique furniture all in one place, and you can get some pretty good discounts.


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