Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Tun chair is perfect for captains and villains

The Tun chair by Derin Design would be the perfect addition to my starship bridge or the control room of my villain lair, if I had either of those things. It's the kind of chair you can sink into while you contemplate weighty issues, like how many billions of dollars you should extort from the world in order not to blast it with your moon laser cannon. It would do equally well in the waiting room of some upscale agency that handles multi-million dollar clients (it's high sides give them a little privacy to make a call or surf the Web while you keep them waiting), although for home use I suspect you'll want to find another piece of furniture. It comes in sporty colors (like the pictured yellow and black) and there is also a double-wide version for your co-captain or co-villain.


Anonymous tasarım said...

i really like designing.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Decoração said...

I also like the design but I think it's too high.

6:31 AM  

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