Wednesday, June 30, 2004

cameleon. interactive. furniture.

Norman Coultur designed his Cameleon line of furniture to be interactive. Don't worry, this isn't another ill-fated attempt to let your recliner connect to the Web. It's a way to let you connect your furniture together like jigsaw pieces. Need a sofa but only have two chaises? Use your ottoman to join them together and you're set.

platforms. backs. arms.
The Cameleon line is made up of platforms, backs and arms, all of which can be reconfigured and rearranged to suit your needs. You sit on the platform parts, lean on the back parts and drape your arms (or balance your drinks) on the arm parts. There are squared off pieces for a more modern look or rounded versions if you prefer a funkier feel.

comfort. quality.
I've tried a bunch of Cameleon pieces and think they're about average when it comes to comfort and quality. The tradeoff is versatility, which Cameleon has plenty of. I don't have exact pricing, but I know it was also moderate...not too high, not too low.


Blogger la1itree said...

Came very close to picking these up last winter, it was priced just over $6000 for the set at a local modern furniture showroom. Decided against it since we'd just bought a house and the $6K was a few grand more than we wanted to spend after the house-buying hit to our bank account.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While this line is pretty funky, it really requires a large space, and the sofa only comfortably handles two people at once, despite the length. The other downside is the lounge position tends to put you facing towards the back corner -- a drag if you also want to watch the TV.

I bought from the more rectilinear line (the first page on the web site), with a sofa, chair, accessory table, and four matching throw pillows from The Bay (in Canada) for Cdn$2400 with tax (it was on sale for 25% off, though). This design fits more people (one configuration is good for four people with the chair as a large ottoman holding the accessory table), and fits into many moderate-sized appartments. Of note is the huge range of fabrics available, including the new ultra-suedes. I think it took about 8 weeks for my order to come in.

The padding material is very firm, but I find it very comfortable now, and considering you can remove all the arms and backs and use it as a single-sized bed, the firmness is good.

Some action shots at

Good blog, btw. It's now on my daily "blogs to waste time at work with" list.

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Blogger Funfurde said...

Those pieces look great in your room! Love the rug, too. I also came across some pix of the round furniture in a cinema/cafe, here:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a website for where I can buy a cameleon sofa? Thanks.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try this siteI recently ordered one from here and its getting delivered this week.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try this siteI recently ordered one from here and its getting delivered this week.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love the jellybean set I recently bought. I was told it would arrive in 8-12 weeks but it arrived in just about a month. If you're looking for a slouchy sofa, this is not it. Its padding is firm (which I prefer) but if you want to curl up and be comfortable or lie down, you still can and oh, so comfortably! It’s really a fun piece. One disappointment for me though was it didn't have many colors to choose from in microfiber fabric. Most colors were muted or dark shades and I am a bright color person. And, I don't think the microfiber fabric of my sofa is ultrasuede. I read that ultrasuede is the best quality microfiber fabric (I had thought ultrasuede was just another word for microfiber suede). Does anyone know if jellybeans come in ultrasuede? Anyway, the microfiber suede of my jellybean sofa looks and feels top quality, so no regrets!

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