Thursday, June 24, 2004

tivoli. model. one.

There's been a lot of blogging recently over the iPAL portable radio from Tivoli, which is an excellent companion for iPods. I'm a big fan of the iPAL but prefer Tivoli's also excellent Model One.

style. sound.
The differences for me come down to sound and style. The Model One sounds better to my ear, and indeed comes with a slightly bigger speaker than the iPAL. Also, the Model One in black (not so much the other colors, though) just looks better to my eye than the iPAL, which seems like it's trying slightly too hard to be consciously retro modern. The Model One isn't portable, but that's okay with me since I only use it by my reading chair.

the. tivoli. experience.
Both models are pretty barebones AM/FM radios when you get down to it, with some input jacks in the back for iPods, CD players or whatever. You tune them with a giant knob, you turn them off and on, you raise or lower the volume...that's really about all you can do. No preset stations, remote controls, equalizers, or other blah blah. And that suits me fine. When I want to just listen, the Tivoli is there for me.

price. value.
The Model One is just $99.99, and the iPAL $129.99, so both are great values for the quality of sound that comes out of them and the quality of design that goes in.

hot. tip.
Restoration Hardware has a the Model One on sale for $79.89.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. I have a Model One and used to have a PAL. The One sounds considerably better -- richer, more solid and crystal clear, and I reckon is better made too. (The PAL was returned due to a constant background hiss). I prefer the FM tuner on the One also, as it doesn't feature AFC which can be a nuisance at times. And the One is cheaper too!

I absolutely love the Model One. Cannot fault it at all. In fact, I've just ordered another. They go for top dollar on eBay, so it's an investment too...

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