Tuesday, June 22, 2004

designer. toys. as. art.

After visiting Ningyoushi.com I suddenly have a desire to buy designer toys from Japan and Hong Kong, like Box C and BB. Sadly BB (the orange one) is sold out, but Box C is just $95! (I'm also tempted by the Kubrick toy version of Edward Scissorhands, though curious why the Terminator 3 Kubricks are not in stock. Did someone actually buy those?)

the. story?
I'm sure there's a story behind these toys that explains why that fellow's pants have fallen down and why he has a box on his head, but I didn't see one online. I'm also sure I'm better off not knowing. But I did learn the orange guy comes with an extra set of hands!

michael. lau.
What I did find out is that Lau is an artist whose medium is toys, specifically 12" figures. What I stumbled upon are the 6" mass-produced versions of his handmade originals. He's mostly focused on street culture, and the orange guy is a skateboarding dog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

~!! i looove those designer toys

I just wished they werent so damn expensive ;_;

awesome site by the way =) I stumbled upon this site via engadget.com and you've gotten me very much into designer furniture.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Alredhead said...

If the designer is into street culture, then the guy with his pants down would be the kid who dresses in the hyped-up street clothes that are becoming more popular. If you look closely, there is a chain hanging from his pants. That is usually going from his front pocket (or a belt loop) to his back pocket, where he keeps his wallet. Plus, there are his shoes. Anyway, I take it as a statement from the artist about people selling himselves out to fashion. They might as well have a box over their head and their pants pulled down because they don't think for themselves. But then, I could be reading more into it then is there.

11:29 PM  

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