Monday, July 05, 2004

droog. laundry. basket.

Dirty laundry is uninteresting and unsightly, and watching it pile up tends to be unsettling. Unless you have a Droog laundry basket. Then dirty laundry is simply a catalyst for an ever-changing work of art. The more laundry you throw in the Droog, the more changes you'll see.

plastic. fabric.
The basket is basically a thin sheet of plastic rolled up in a cone shape, with a piece of knit fabric that goes around the outside then dangles on the inside (look at the will help make sense of that description). The dangly bit is what holds your clothes. When it's empty, the laundry basket has a uniform, cylindrical look. As you fill it with clothes, it changes shape. Throw in a sock and you might see the dangly part bulge a bit. Throw in something heavy, like jeans, and suddenly the cylindrical body will morph into a three-leaf clover shape as it adjusts to absorb the load.

flimsy. but. sturdy.
The laundry basket needs to be flimsy in order to flex, but not so flimsy and flexible that it will just collapse. The Droog walks a fine line here, but walks it well. When I first put it together (it has instructions, but they're short and simple), I didn't think it would be able to stand on its own, let alone hold clothes. Stand it did...but just. Surprisingly, the more clothes I put in it, the more stable it seems to become.

it. really. works.
I thought the Droog would be pretty gimmicky, but I hate laundry so much that I was willing to shell out $60 to try it. The money was well spent, because the Droog works as advertised. It seems to default to a few basic shapes depending on the weight of what's in it, with the three-leaf clover being most typical. But it's fun to see what it will do next. You can see two test batches of (clean) clothes I used in the second photo. (Photos were taken from directly overhead so you can see the changes more clearly.)

hot. tip.
Throw your clothes so they hang part way out of the basket if you want to see some of the more unusual shapes the Droog can take on.


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