Sunday, October 02, 2005


The Phonebook is a telephone, answering machine and message printer from Krohn Design that's really wild. Not only does the design inspiration come from the trusty old file-o-fax, so does the operational inspiration. To change modes on the phone you turn the plastic "pages." Cool. The are also four "common buttons" along the side of the phone that change function as you flip through your phonebook. It never gets confusing, though, because each "page" describes what the buttons do when you're in their particular mode. Genius.


Anonymous steven skov holt said...

Gentlemen, Isn't this the same delightful competition-winning project done in the mid-1980s by the same designer? Lisa Krohn is a true international design talent, but what you have pictured here seems to be a model of her first major project success done close to 20 years ago -- not a new product release. Lisa's solution, btw, was never produced but it was quite influential/inspirational for many years (kind of a "concept car" for electronic products).
steven skov holt

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Anonymous My said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeap, the competition was Neste Forma Finlandia and the year was 1987. Other "news", maybe ? Gustaf Eiffel's breaktrough tower design for the Paris World Fair ?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what if it's not contemporary? I think this blog is about finding funky things, not necessarily funky NEW things.

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