Sunday, March 26, 2006

maxi. mambo.

The Maxi Mambo is the most fun chair in the world because it's made out of Gummi Bear jelly! Well, the jelly is really polypropylene and probably not all that safe to eat, but still it gives the Maxi a look that screams "CANDY!" It comes in three flavors: cherry (red), blueberry (blue) and, er, whatever flavor "clear" candy is (pineapple?) Suggested uses are for your reception area, lounge, trade-fair booth or, of course, Lifesaver Factory. You can gobble up this yummy goodness for $795.

UPDATE: By coincidence I had a chance to sit in this chair the other day. Ow! Although it looks Gummi it's actually more like hard candy and not very comfortable.


Anonymous Amy said...

I can see it in the foyer of a Weight Watcher's meeting *evil chuckle*

10:41 AM  
Blogger dubh said...

I was looking for a Mambo stoolbar, the one with transparent seat, but is too much expensive :P

5:59 PM  
Blogger DesignGal said...

I LOVE GUMMI BEARS,LOL. It does kind of look like GUMMI jelly. I like it, I think it's cool looking!!!

6:32 PM  

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