Thursday, October 21, 2004


If you're looking for a light to go with the Buldang couch/chair/thing, you won't go far wrong if you buy a Boalum. I'm sorry, I didn't mean light, I meant "luminaire," which is what this piece is called. (Luminaire means, among other things, "light fixture," so this is a somewhat fine distinction in my book.)

totally. tubular.
The Boalum has a flexible, tubular body of opal white plastic that diffuses the light. Or rather lights, as this thing's packed with 25 5W bulbs in its 6-foot length. But don't worry about changing them too often, because they're rated for 20,000 hours of use. If that's not enough illumination for you, you can string two Boalums together. (In luminaire marketing speak, this is called "obtaining a longer tubular composition." Fun!)

The Boalum is somewhat of a luminary among luminaires as it's on permanent exhibit at museums in Canada and Italy. You can put it on exhibit in your own home for about $500.


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Seems like there might be an opportunity for two pronunciations here ... "bo-a lum" or "bowel um". Yes I know wich one is "correct" but I think they both fit, perhaps the latter more so. And the image of a glowing intestine is fun in an ET srota way ... don-cha think?

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