Monday, October 11, 2004


Here's an ultra-simple but ultra-modern-looking way to store those old fashioned things called "compact discs" that some people might still have lying around. It's called the Gondola and can be found at Bart Design.

mastro. work.
The Gondola (designed by Mastro Design) is made from two sheets of clear Plexiglas around a soft foam insert. It holds about 30 CDs (you know, those shiny discs they used to listen to music on) and stands about 6 feet tall. As long as you don't have too many CDs it's pretty functional and funky looking, although seems rather on the tall side. Unless the 195 height measurement on the site isn't in centimeters, in which case I'm really not sure how tall it is.

two. things.
The two things I know I'm not sure about are 1) how much the Gondola costs and 2) if those things on the bottom are wheels. I'm assuming they're not, otherwise the main function of the Gondola would seem to be falling down...a lot.


Blogger Ngakaari said...

That looked like a flute when I first glanced at it.

5:23 AM  

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