Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The folks at LA Furniture Seen sent me a link to their site, where I came across the Intrigo by FENDI. This bed brings to mind a lot of "ent" words that are always fun to see in furniture...opulent, elegant, decadent and, um...succulent. (I wanted to say comfortable but then I would have lost the whole "ent" thing so you got succulent. The bed does look juicy though. And yeah, I cheated with elegant.)

rich. yet.
I do think the Intrigo manages to pull off a very rich but also enticingly comfortable look. And the canopy actually helps to make it seem a little less formal, which is a neat trick. Usually I associate canopies on beds with overdone Trump-esque mansions. But his one combines a simple frame with gauzy sheers that creates an almost safari feeling. Wow. Where do I get one?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can get it at Decadence Home Decor in Los Angeles - 310-360-7221

9:46 AM  
Anonymous My said...

Whats up with your updates? So slow. We want moore :)

8:17 AM  

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