Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I hate to use a cliche but the easist way to describe
Omero is that it's like a space age version of the common magazine rack. Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, it's made of aluminum and stainless steel and looks like just about anything but something used to hold magazines. But as you add magazines to Omero, its shape fills out nicely. The concept is awesome, but not sure how practical it would be for most people. Costs €139 so probably most people wouldn't buy it anyway I suppose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear "Funfurde"
thank you for adding the link of The Modern Style to your blog.
We're glad that you spent some time to have a look at our website and appreciate the fact that you inserted one of our products in your space.
Best regards,


12:24 PM  
Anonymous Garden Furniture Man said...

the magazine rack (which doesnt do it justice at all), is fantasic. All in its simplicity.

11:05 PM  

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