Tuesday, February 15, 2005

zettel'z 5

Zettel'z 5 is a pendant lamp with lots of little bits of wire sticking out of it. On the ends of those wires are lots of little clamps, and in the clamps you put lots of little bits of paper (a.k.a. "notice sheets") to build the lamp shade.

write. art.
An intriguing concept that gets more interesting, because those little bits of paper (31 in all) aren't there just to stay white. You -- or your friends, or even you and your friends -- are supposed to draw, write or scribble on them to make art. And that's what makes the Zettel'z 5 a very cool light. Costs about $805. Also available in a smaller model, the Zettel'z 6. (Yeah, I know, the smaller lamp has the bigger number. Go figure.)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

customized. star. wars. blinds.

Today I came across the "world's largest collection of Star Wars moments printed on blinds," a claim that a) seems to be true and b) begs the question, are there other such collections? The company is called 3 Day Blinds and they offer dozens of images from all six Star Wars films on just about any size blind you can dream up. There are so many options there's actually an online blind selection wizard to help you out. The wizard generated the above photo after I told it I wanted the poster from A New Hope for a 36" wide by 48" window. The price for that ended up being $135.

choose. wisely.
I'm not going to pass judgment on you if you're someone who actually wants Star Wars blinds, but if Luke Skywalker doesn't do it for you, I noticed 3 Days also has a Disney collection and a Betty Boop collection, among others.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

concrete. stool.

It figures the guys with Stonehenge in their backyard would invent the "Concrete Stool." Granted the name isn't very attention getting, but the stools themselves are. Made by the London-based The Shed studios, these functional pieces of art will make your backyard look like an outdoor museum while giving your backside a place to rest as you admire your new Louvre-like lawn. They run £350. [from design*sponge]

Friday, February 04, 2005

kristall. table.

When Unica Home says the Kristall table "screams Memphis" they're of course talking about the famous Italian design movement. Okay, after quickly reading up on Memphis (like I knew what that meant before I googled it?) I agree. But when they say it will "fit in with more conventional decor," I think they're just trying to move some product. If you buy their sales pitch, you can also buy the Kristall from them for $1,475. I'm still not sure if I like it or not...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

broadway. spring. chair.

It's a chair on springs...how much more can you say than that? Well, this: the Broadway was designed by Gaetano Pesce and, if I understand this right, it's an update of a similar chair from 1939 (that one only had four springs...this one has eight!).

The hype on the Moss site, where I saw it, says "Due to the eight spring feet, this chair, although sturdy and supportive, accompanies the movement of the person sitting in it. It will sway and bend along with the sitter." It also says the price is $1,460.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ruf. cinema. bed.

Want to watch a DVD while you doze off? Forget bolting a flat panel TV to your four-poster. If you want a real home theater in your boudoir -- and by real theater I mean a screen and a projector, not just a TV -- you want the Ruf Cinema Bed from Ruf-Betten.

Described as the first multimedia bed, the Ruf has a fold-out screen tucked in the footboard (activated by remote, of course), and a shelf for a projector between the two plush headboards. There's also room for some DVDs, a DVD player, a conduit for cables and even a place to hide your subwoofer. Rockin! The bed is also pretty attractive in a modern-puffy-furniture way, though I imagine few are buying this for looks alone. Haven't come across pricing yet.