Monday, July 24, 2006


The Fandango is the perfect sectional for you if you have one of those nice round conversation pits...or you just have a lot of room and want a cool bit of furniture. As you can see from the inset images, this baby is reconfigurable and even comes with an ottoman that can turn the whole affair into a giant eye-like thing. Not sure how useful that is, but it looks pretty cool, no? Fandango is a modest $2,999, and comes with free shipping no less.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

jelly. friends. lights.

Looks like a jellyfish, doesn't it?'s a "quietly pulsating light amature that interacts with the user and reacts when someone comes near." Kinda cool, with maybe a hint of oogy. Oh, and the tentacle looking things are actually adjustable cord legs. The idea behind this creation is to "explore the boundaries between artefact (sic) and man and advocates a living, dynamic environment." I'll take three please! From Form Us With Love (Flash site).

Sunday, July 09, 2006

ducduc. collins. rocker.

This wicked rocker not only looks amazing, better still it's built with 100% sustainable hardwood. It's inspired by "the shapes and colors of the art deco movement." (If you're curious about ducduc that's the link to it.) It comes in eight fabric options although all but the orange are a little dull for the style of this piece in my opinion. The fabrics are 100% recycled polyester, though, and greenguard indoor air quality certified. Not sure what that is, but it sounds positive. Will set you back $1,295 but that includes shipping.

alexandria. sat. here.

The Alexandria chair from Urbana is "inspired" by the classic architecture of Greek ionic columns. If the funky factor is too high for you, don't can get it in a single fabric to unify the look. This is a big, comfortable chair. So big that Urbana also offers a smaller "condo" version that will fit in homes where space is at a premium. You can get this in all of the fabrics that the manufacturer offers. It's also available in leather.

hot. tip.
Urbana makes a matching vanity and bench.

P.S. I found this post in the FF archives from June 5, 2006. For some reason I never put it up. So here it is for your enjoyment, a few years late.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

fresh. fat. easy. chair.

Extruded plastic sounds kinda gross, but when it's hand woven by Tom Dixon into the Fresh Fat Easy Chair it looks pretty good. It's only available in clear plastic and will run you $2,275. Not sure how comfy extruded plastic is to sit on, but I'm guessing it's something you'd want to avoid on a hot summer's day.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

oh. hey. i'm. two. years. old. now.

I managed to to miss the fact that Funfurde turned 2 years old in June. For those keeping score, the first post was on June 4, 2004.