Monday, August 18, 2008

Origami Chair Folds In A Lot Of Awesomeness

Okay, sure, the Origami Chair from Form Us With Love is inspired by, that's right, origami. But plenty of things have been inspired by origami and not really turned out to be all that inspirational. This isn't one of those cases though, because the Origami does an outstanding job not only looking a bit like origami, but also looking like an amazingly beautiful chair. The premise: "An idea to work conciously with light and shadows resulted in a sculpturally beautiful chair with architechtonic appearance." It's made from lacquered aluminum and diver suit padding.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Omar Is Possibly The Most Gorgeous Console Table Ever

I'm not too familiar with John Reeves but wow this guy knows how to design a gorgeous console table. According to him the Omar is "reminiscent of an Arabic style, a tribute to the passion and creativity of Middle Eastern culture, while using materials and processes which are Western in technique, production and finish." That turns out to be an amazingly good idea, John. Thanks for coming up with it! Omar stands 31.5" high and is made from rolled sheet steel that comes in either a black or white powder coat.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amazing Folding Chair Doubles As Wall Art When Not In Use

Dror Benshetrit has created the most amazing folding chair you and I are ever likely to see, called Pick. It's an aluminum body with decorated wooden slats that folds into a completely flat object so it can be hung on the wall as art when you're not using it as a chair. For someone like, oh, say, me who likes to keep spare folding chairs around for larger dinners and other social events, this solves the problem of storage and also gives my lowly folding chairs a touch of elegance. And these are probably prettier than some of my existing wall art...bonus!