Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You're In Charge Of Designing The Alliterative Ponoko Pollen Pendant Light

I hope the name Ponoko Pollen Pendant was a deliberate choice and not just some kind of random alliteration accident, because if it's the latter it's sort of like accidentally naming your kid something that's going to get him beat up a lot. Naming aside, this light forces you to be part of the design process because the pollen-shaped base only truly becomes a lamp when you encase it in your "material of choice." Which we all hope is nonflammable I feel compelled to add. I do think it's neat that "the ability to control the color, texture and material of this lamp makes this piece ideal for the truly creative." The one pictured is wrapped in white acrylic yarn, if you're wondering. This DIY beauty can be yours for $245.