Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Table made up of 3D pixels is infinitely configurable and infinitely stylish

The Pixel table by Johan Lindsten is made up of a bunch of square blocks (sort of like screen pixels but in 3D) that can be rearranged "depending on the situation and desires" to any configuration you like. Nice! It's not only a great look, but gives you plenty of storage options. It looks like you have to assemble it box by box though, so I'm not sure how many times you're going to rearrange it. But it's nice to have the option.

The Floor Perch is made out of felt, glue and awesome

Ben Mickus sent me a note about his Relief Chair, which is made out of felt and will very deservedly be featured in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's upcoming exhibit Fashioning Felt. Naturally I wandered over to his site to check it out, and it's indeed gorgeous. (Go look...I'll wait.) When I took a peek at his other projects though I immediately fell in unabashed lust with his Floor Perch. Maybe that's because I happen to be in the market for an end table with an unusual shape and some nice nooks and crannies and this fits the bill...but it's probably just because it's absolutely stunning. It's also a multi-use piece of furniture that will work as a table, chair or pouf.

Like the Relief Chair, Floor Perch is made out of sheets of natural wool felt that are glued together with a non-toxic adhesive, making it environmentally friendly. The inserts are aluminum.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Tun chair is perfect for captains and villains

The Tun chair by Derin Design would be the perfect addition to my starship bridge or the control room of my villain lair, if I had either of those things. It's the kind of chair you can sink into while you contemplate weighty issues, like how many billions of dollars you should extort from the world in order not to blast it with your moon laser cannon. It would do equally well in the waiting room of some upscale agency that handles multi-million dollar clients (it's high sides give them a little privacy to make a call or surf the Web while you keep them waiting), although for home use I suspect you'll want to find another piece of furniture. It comes in sporty colors (like the pictured yellow and black) and there is also a double-wide version for your co-captain or co-villain.