Thursday, September 23, 2004

loch. ness. desk.

The Loch Ness by Bram Boo is a funky "storage element" with a removable chunk and an odd overhanging lip. Odd, that is, until you take the chunk out and sit on it in front of the lip, and then you realize the chunk is a stool and the lip is a desk. Mr. Boo is quite clever, no?

naming. names.
I'm assuming the Loch Ness is so named because it kind of vaguely looks like the Loch Ness monster if the Loch Ness monster were made of coated MDF planks. I have no idea why Bram Boo is so named, but I keep thinking his (or her?) name is Bamboo. Sorry about that, Bram.

I found the Loch Ness on the wonderful Architonic site. (Sorry, I don't see an easy way to link directly to the desk.) No info on pricing or availability.


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