Sunday, March 26, 2006

maxi. mambo.

The Maxi Mambo is the most fun chair in the world because it's made out of Gummi Bear jelly! Well, the jelly is really polypropylene and probably not all that safe to eat, but still it gives the Maxi a look that screams "CANDY!" It comes in three flavors: cherry (red), blueberry (blue) and, er, whatever flavor "clear" candy is (pineapple?) Suggested uses are for your reception area, lounge, trade-fair booth or, of course, Lifesaver Factory. You can gobble up this yummy goodness for $795.

UPDATE: By coincidence I had a chance to sit in this chair the other day. Ow! Although it looks Gummi it's actually more like hard candy and not very comfortable.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

milky. way. chandelier. $112,000.

If you have $112,000 and you'd like a one-of-a-kind chandelier, check out the Milky Way by Andree Putman. This 450-pound monster features six halogen bulbs that illuminate a fiberglass dome covered by a crystal studded fabric, thus achieving its night sky effect. Those are Swarovski crystals it's covered in by the way, including one big fat one that dangles below the main body, which I'm presuming may represent the sun (but really I'm just guessing on that one). The Milky Way is slightly over 4 feet high and 6.5 feet wide, making it just about as big as our own galaxy.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

ladrillos. shelving.

Magis created the Ladrillos Shelving system for kids, but they must mean "kids of all ages" because I would dearly love some. I'm not so crazy about the four white laminate shelves, it's the "shelf support in polyethylene" that catches my eye. They're basically little fun, foam creatures that brighten your day and help hold up your stuff. Further evidence Ladrillos isn't meant for kids: the $2,820 price tag. Ouch!