Sunday, April 30, 2006

condom. pot.

Who couldn't use a banana "flavoured" condom pot? Well, I couldn't (sad for me) but you might, if you want "a cheeky bedside storage vessel for condoms (or anything else that takes your fancy) made from natural earthenware." The lid is, of course, shaped like a rolled up condom, which as we all know is the epitome of taste. As is this bit of hype: "A truly original gift and a great talking point in the bedroom!" Talking point...yep. The other "flavours" are liquorice, bubblegum, spearmint and tangerine. (Okay, did they really have to name the different colors after flavors?) You can get one for £14.99.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

wave. magnetic. track.

I have tons of pictures but never get around to putting them in frames, so mostly they sit around in piles. What I really need is a simple way to put photos up, take them down and change them. The Wave Magnetic Track might do the trick. It's basically a curved metal track with magnets that let you stick photos (or whatever) on it. And at the moment it's just $9.99. Bargain! Not a very plausible solution for keepsake photos, but just fine for the kind of photos you might stick on the refrigerator or whatnot.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

pylon. chair.

This ginormous occasional chair from Twentytwentyone is made of iron wire and comes in orange, blue or white. Perfect for any home that would look good with a cell phone tower in the backyard. Doubles as a clothing rack. Put three of them together and you've got the skeleton for a Zeppelin. According to the spec sheet it's 41/128 somethings high and costs £2,797. Becausee if they listed it at £2,800 even they knew you wouldn't buy it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

85. lamps.

I love Droog Design, and 85 Lamps is just one of the reasons why. Or just 85 of the reasons why if you want to count it like that. This is currently THE chandelier I want hanging over my dining room table. It's also pretty much what it says it is, which is 85 bulbs strung together. So many that it requires professional installation and has to be hung from something that can support 55 pounds of bulb glass. Totally worth it in my opinion. And I won't even complain about the $2,350 price, which is just $27 per bulb. Bargain!

P.S. I always tell design stores who want to sponsor Funfurde that I really don't take direct paid ads, but I would consider trading a sponsorship for an 85 Lamps chandelier. That's how much I like it. Let's see if I get any offers...