Monday, November 24, 2008

Ridiculously Big Lamp No. 15 Makes Me Drool

I'm a rabid, raging, drooling, slavering fan of oversize lamps shades, whether they're of the floor, hanging, sconce or table variety. Thus I love Ron Gilad's Lamp No. 15 which is actually only 12" in diameter but seems crazy large compared to its tiny base. Honestly, this bit is lost on me "After observing and subtracting main characteristics of ex lovers, the designer abstracted these qualities and formed them into a series of table lamps. This series of lamps serves as the designer’s private 3D black book." No. 15 is $299 (which is a lot cheaper than No. 13 at $1,225 I have to say) and I have no idea what it says about relationships, but I do like what it says about being stylish.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recycling "Egg" Adds Some Odd Style To Your Kitchen

This giant white, blue and green egg is certainly eye catching, which is probably a plus if you're looking to make a statement about recycling in your kitchen. Your large, modern, funky kitchen that is, at least if you want the Ovetto to fit in to your decor. Luckily one glance will tell you if this will fit your style or not. I happen to like it, but it's not going to fit into my kitchen, literally or style-wise. For £139 you can put it in your kitchen if it appeals.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Dexter Dismembered Silverware Looks Great & Horrific at the Same Time

Not just in time for Halloween but close enough to still be talking about dismembered things (it's only 3 days later!) I found this wonderful Dexter flatware created by, ahem, Steve Butcher in homage to the sociopathic serial-killer-hunting Dexter. This silverware has been sawed, slashed, burned and punctured, which "truly reflects the activities of Dexter." Although the silverware has seen some rough use, we're assured it's usable, which is good because a five-piece set will cost $400-$500 depending on if you want the modern, classic or antique version. I found it over on Spring but don't see a direct link...just look under the "shop" section and you'll see it.