Sunday, July 25, 2004

sheren-bett. expandable. bed.

The Sheren-Bett Expandable Bed is neat solution if you're not quite sure what size bed you'll be using down the road, or you're not quite sure what mattress or mattress-like-thing you'll be using it with. (I've gone from a twin-size mattress to a large futon to a full queen mattress in my time, buying a different frame for each, so this is something that interests me.) Designer Daniel Thut made a bed frame that expands and contracts to suit any mattress size, so he's got you covered on that front. And if you don't like a mattress, it will support "a surface beside (sic) the mattress."

It looks like you can also buy a few bolt-on extras for the bed, like a side light (pictured) or a table piece that I saw here on MoCoLoco. I'm a sucker for bolt-on useful bits that come with beds, so I love these options.

hidden. beauty.
Besides the price (I saw it for a not inconsiderable $2,895 at Moss Online), the only thing I don't like about the Sheren Bett is that, when the mattress (or whatever) is on it, you can't see how cool it looks.


Blogger Mike Thorn said...

Guess that makes it a little easier to move out of the house too. Ever tried taking a queen-size boxspring up stairs? (hint: it doesn't. Buy one in two pieces, or do that yourself)

I can definitely see a lot of advantages to this. On the other hand, $3K kind of obscures them a little.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Muskrat Love said...

Ease up on the "(sic)" there, buddy. After looking at the website, I think they mean actually "beside" the mattress, as in next to it, not "besides" the mattress. At 3K a pop I'm sure they have a website editor.

9:20 PM  

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